Sydney printer Lease and photocopier rental

Sydney printer rental is a leader in the market when it comes to digital printing. Photo copiersSydney has never been so easy. We also supply phone systems for businesses in Sydney.

In today’s market, MFP machines are the most common set up you may see in an office. HavingĀ  photocopiers in Sydney that can multi-task can equal huge savings on contacts and expenses associated with running multiple machines. Time savings can be enormous when switching over to an MFP. MFP’s became extremely popular in 2006 when they set the first machines up to not only print but fax as well.


Leasing options have become extremely complicated especially in Sydney for some reason we have some of the most complicated lease contracts in the world. We simplify our printer lease agreements so there is no need for accountants, financial planners, and the likes to get involved, we make it simple enough for the average Joe to understand. However, we still recommend you get advice to cover legalities. Leasing will allow your business to always have the option of upgrading whenever the need is there opposed to outright purchasing.


Purchase options are relatively simple compared to leasing. There are several negatives associated with an outright purchase of photocopier machines. The major negative being if you outright purchase generally you will not be able to upgrade should your machine become outdated. printer and Photocopier machines are advancing so quickly that a machine can become obsolete after as little as 2-3 years. It may not sound like such a big deal but new advances in machinery are saving offices thousands every year with extra functions and capabilities.

Printers can be highly complicated and a lot of the technical talk that absolutely no one understands can be used deliberately by a salesman in an attempt to confuse the client.

How to choose the right device for my business and tight phone system

Choosing the right set up should be easy it should be as simple as looking at your budget, needs and how much print you do every year. Also looking at what other machines are in your office and whether it is possible to reduce the number of machines and get an all in one.

Often overlooked is energy consumption, some photocopiers in the Sydney market are absolute energy Guzzlers, choosing a low energy consumption machine can literally save your office thousands per year. Photocopier Lease SPL

One should always check leasing terms and conditions in the purchase of a new or second-hand device.

A phone system can be the thing that makes or breaks your business we have all had that experience where our equipment doesn’t work and our technicians are just one call away.