A photocopier is a device that copies the photos or words written on a previous page

Fuji Xerox was the first company to invent the device and nowadays is considered the roll Royce of the copier world. If you have ever purchased or leased a problematic device you would know that spending the extra $30 per month is no big loss compared to having to put up with a terrible device.

Printers are generally an overlooked cost associated with any business. The general cost of print per page is around.028cents if you are purchasing your own toners. If leasing a photocopier you should be able to reduce per page costs down to .05cents – 1.4cents pending on your volume of print.

A good salesman should focus on your needs and help you choose a device that is suitable for the office environment you are in. Whether the office is big or small generally a photocopier device will be present.

If you are not happy with the copier in your organization and wish to lease a new printer we are always happy to provide a free quote. Regardless of your budget, there is always a solution for your needs providing you print more than 40 pieces of paper per day. We realize small business sometimes do not see the need to lease a device however you would be amazed at how much time and money a lease can save a business over a five year period. No more ordering toners no more paying a maintenance man for a 5 minute fix the benefits seriously outweigh the loses.

We want to help you today broker an amazing deal for your office copier.

No need to get another quote

At roicopy, we can easily provide you with 3 different quotes on three different devices and give you the client the option of choosing. This enables our business to be 100% honest and provide the information that you need and not what suites our business. By enabling honest communication from the start gives the relationship a foundation to create a long-term business partnership.