Shooting Fun Lake Norman

Shooting Fun Lake Norman

A week ago, Lake Norman’s U-8 All Stars were scrambling for cover as shots were fired during a Little League state tournament in Wilson. This week, the team got to run on the field, just like professionals. They were at Truist Field opening ceremonies with the Charlotte Knights, and it was a great way to end their season.

Getting Started

The Shooting Fun Lake Norman area is an ideal location for a gun range. Its humid subtropical climate makes it a perfect place to attract shooters from all over the world. In addition to offering the fun and satisfying experience that comes with shooting a firearm, the owners at Shooting fun lake norman are committed to providing their members with safe and comfortable training for handling guns. They also seek to bring diversity to the range and encourage women to become empowered in this sport.

Safety First

If you’re planning to spend Labor Day shooting fun at Lake Norman, it’s important to be safe. That’s the message from Iredell County Sheriff’s deputies and the non-profit Calvin Newman Youth Boating Education Fund. The two groups are looking to make the lake a safer place for people to enjoy their recreational time. Deputy Jarid Church says they are checking COVID-19 laws, making sure social distancing is happening, and putting out warnings about safety equipment. He said it’s a busy summer on the lake, and they want to make sure everyone has a good time.

Range Rules

There are a certain range of rules that you must follow to ensure your safety and the safety of others. These range rules will vary from place to place, so it’s important to read and understand them before you visit a range.

For example, you must keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction downrange at all times. Also, you must always be in compliance with the one-shot rule.

The Range at Lake Norman does not rent fully automatic weapons. This is due to the recoil they produce, which can damage the ceiling and overhead lights.

All target shooters must remain in the shooting line when a range officer is present. They must follow the yellow line during a target check and may not move until the range officer says “all clear downrange.” All gun owners must unload their firearms before entering or leaving the shooting area.